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Parte 1 – Apresentação e bases teóricas;
Parte 2 – ArcGIS (Patch-analyst, Patch Grid Analyst e V-Late);
Parte 3 – GRASS GIS (LandScape-connectivity), Scripts em R (moving window), QGis, QuantumGis.

II Functional Diversity day

Many ecological studies focus on understand how environmental and spatial patterns influences biodiversity and ecological process. At this context, an approach that has been rising up in such studies is the use of functional traits to understanding the patterns of communities. On 11 march, 2015, it was conducted, at UNESP, in Rio Claro, the II Functional Diversity day. In this workshop, undergraduates, post-graduation students, and researchers of five Brazilian Universities (UNESP, USP, ESALQ/USP, UNIFAL and UFSCar) exposed and discussed the use of this approach on their researches. The lectures showed the high level of research that have been developed by such research groups and the discussions contributed both to the improvement of developing studies as in the design of futures projects.


First Soundscape Meeting

Today we had our first soundscape meeting, and we discussed the soundscape ecology framework based on the two introductory articles below mentioned. The participants were from Unesp, Unicamp and USP. The most important topics discussed were: i) What is the backbone of soundscape ecology, detached from other areas (such as bioacoustics); ii) The interpretation of animal sound as a biological property related to several ecological processes; iii) What kind of information we are interested to record and to extract with the audio recorders.

We believe that the agenda for this discussion group will rely on strengthening the theoretical basis that compose soundscape ecology and on better understanding acoustic properties and related metrics. Moreover, we intend to establish working groups in the major practical avenues of soundscape ecology framework, including the configuration of the audio recorders to record and analysis of sound files by commercial and non-commercial automated acoustic analysis.

If you have interest on this exciting discussion about our complex and acoustic word, join us.

  • Pijanowski, C. et al., 2011.What is soundscape ecology? An introduction and overview of an emerging new science. Landscape Ecology. (published online 1 May 2011)
  • Pijanowski, C. et al., 2011. Soundscape Ecology: The Science of Sound in the Landscape. BioScience. 61 (2011), pp. 203–216


LEEC Meeting Day

​​Hello everyone,

Next week (March 16th and 17th, 2015) we will be discussing PhD and Master projects. Reminder that we will have seminars with visitor researchers and a Field Work Day.
Where: Celina Foresti Auditorium – Ecology Department,  UNESP/RC
Monday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (Field Work Day – IPÊ Institute)

I look forward to seeing you!