Briza Cristina Alves

Environmental and Agroenergy Technician by ROGE Foundation (2011), actually taking undergraduate course in Ecology at São Paulo State University "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" (UNESP). I am developing a Scientific Initiation Project about animal behavior and seed predation (Syagrus romanzoffiana fruits preyed by the Guerlinguetus ingrami squirrel) , under the supervision of Prof. Milton Ribeiro and the PhD student Calebe Mendes. I am also a member of the Spatial Ecology and Conservation Laboratory (LEEC), at the Ecology Department from the Biosciences Institute (IB). My study interests are: small mammals, seed dispersal, animal behavior and reforestation.

E-mail: briza_cris@hotmail.com

Concluded research:

Scientific Initiation. 2017. Fruit handling strategies and feeding preferences of the Guerlinguetus ingrami squirrel related to the Syagrus romanzoffiana palm.