Bruno Defane Borges

Graduate in Ecology (UNESP – Rio Claro), Master in Ecology and Biodiversty at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP). I’m interested in how can be the landscape changes based on phonological phases of the plants, using for this two ways to get information of phenology, phenological towers and drones.


Uma nova perspectiva para entender a conectividade funcional integrando Paisagem e Fenologia.

The observations of the phases of plant life, known as phenology, made of traditional forms in ground level does not allow the study in large areas, are laborious and consume very observant of time. On the other hand, the phenology made by digital cameras - next remote phenology surface - though still limited in space greatly reduces human labor data collection. Additionally, it is proven its effectiveness to monitor accurately the leaf change in many species. This project aimed to apply new technologies to enhance the monitoring capacity with images close to the surface (near remote phenology) and detect changes at various scales, leaves the ecosystem. Our goal was to address theoretical and practical problems involving the combination of two different remote monitoring systems: digital cameras phenology towers and the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). It has been focused on two innovative objectives: (a) apply these technologies to extract information ecophysiological plant, advancing the understanding of seasonal responses to environmental factors in a peculiar ecosystem of rock fields and (b) integrate the extraction techniques of red color channels , green and blue concepts of plants to landscape ecology in order to propose a different approach to connectivity studies.

Grants and Funding:

I had an MSc grant from FAPESP (process 2014/07700-0).

E-mail: bruno_borges01@hotmail.com

Concluded research:

Master in Ecology and Biodiversty. 2016. Uma nova perspectiva para entender a conectividade funcional integrando Paisagem e Fenologia.