Carlos R Ruiz

Ethologist, professor at the State University of North Fluminense, UENF / RJ, and coordinator of Ethology, Reintroduction and Conservation of Wild Animals Sector (SERCAS). My interests can be described as the conducting of behavioral studies theoretically oriented, but addressing issues in conservation biology and applied ethology. My strongest interests are in behavior and immature offspring ecology of vertebrates, social behavior under different ecological conditions, vocal communication, dispersion and relationship between behavior and physical condition of the animals. Studies in these areas are developed in the context of issues in the conservation of species (single species conservation): fragmentation and habitat degradation, introduction of invasive species, captive effects on behavior and reintroduce the animals to their natural habitat. Much of my recent work has been with primates (Golden Lion Tamarin), but I'm interested in research with other mammals and birds.

E-mail: cruizmiranda@gmail.com