Carolina da Silva Carvalho

Bachelor in Biological Science (UNESP) and Master in Ecology and Evolution (UFG). I am a PhD candidate in Ecology and Biodiversity (UNESP) interested in understand how landscape structure, lack of large seed disperser and intraspecific variation shape microevolutionary process and gene dispersal.


Ecological and genetic effects of seed size variation in defaunated landscapes - under the advice of Mauro Galetti (UNESP), Pedro Jordano (CSIC, Seville), and with collaboration of Marina Cortes (UNESP) and Milton C. Ribeiro (UNESP)/ In my first year of my thesis I visited the laboratory of Pedro Jordano at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Seville, Spain.

Grants and Funding:

I receive my PhD grant from FAPESP (process 2014/01029-5) and received grant from Cnpq (process 401258/2012-2) to go to CSIC, Seville. Part of my study is funded by Cnpq (process 401258/2012-2 and 477843/2011-5).

E-mail: carolina.carvalho@ymail.com

Concluded research:

Master in Ecology and Evolution. 2013. The role of landscape features on the genetic diversity of the palm Euterpe edulis along the Atlantic rainforest.