Fábio Monteiro de Barros

Bachelor in Biological Sciences (UNESP), Master in Ecology (USP) and Phd student in Zoology (UNESP), I am interested on bird ecology (mainly frugivorous birds, raptors and owls), landscape ecology, more particularly how habitat fragmentation can modulate the seed dispersal services by birds within the habitat-matrix systems.


Functional diversity and seed dispersal services provided by frugivorous birds in fragmented landscapes in southeastern Brazil. Advisor: Prof. Dr. Milton Ribeiro. Co-advisors: Prof. Dr. Marco Pizo and Prof. Dr. Mauro Galetti.

This is part of the project "New sampling methods and statistical tools for biodiversity research: integrating animal movement ecology with population and community ecology".

Grants and Funding:

CAPES scholarship (jun/2013-jul/2014), FAPESP (scholarship process 2013/19732-1) and FAPESP (process 2013/50421-2).

E-mail: barros.fmon@gmail.com