Felipe Martello Ribeiro

Bachelor in Biological Science (UFSCar), Master in Zoology (UNESP) and with a MBA in Business Management (FGV). I am a PhD candidate in Zoology (UNESP) interested in how urban landscape shapes the biodiversity and in which way this landscape could be managed to reduced the impact of urbanization on regional biodiversity and assist the control of urban pests.


Landscape Ecology of ant communities - under the advice of Milton Ribeiro, Ana Xavier (Biological Institute of São Paulo) / I plan to visit Dr. Franchesco de Bello (jan 2015) at University of South Boemia, Česke Budějovice, República Tcheca.

This is part of the project "New sampling methods and statistical tools for biodiversity research: integrating animal movement ecology with population and community ecology".

Grants and Funding:

I received my PhD grant from CAPES and part of my study is funded by FAPESP (process 2013/50421-2).

E-mail: felipemartello@gmail.com

Concluded research:

PhD candidate in Zoology. 2016. Landscape Ecology of ant communities.