Gabriela Raphael Duarte

BSc in Biological Sciences (USP – Ribeirão Preto). Currently I am a MSc candidate student in Comparative Biology at University of São Paulo (USP – Ribeirão Preto) under the advice of Profa. Dra. Tiana Kohlsdorf and co advice of PhD Juan Pablo Torres Florez. I am interested in understanding how anthropic changes of the landscape affect the gene flow in Anura.


With my project I am trying to observe the effect of landscape heterogeneity and gene flow in the anuran Haddadus binotatus, and also trying to understand which microhabitat characteristics available in different environments can influence their permeability to this species.

Grants and Funding:

I have a master grant from CAPES and my field work is funded by FAPESP (process 2013/50421-2) and The Rufford Foundation.

E-mail: gabi.raphael@gmail.com