Giordano Ciocheti

Worked with radio telemetry of cougars, ocelots and manned wolves (1999-2004 Graduation on Universidade Federal de São Carlos). Worked as coordinator (2004-2005) of a felids monitoring project for the ONG Associação Mata Ciliar, using câmera traps, diet study, trying to capture and giving training for new students. Also worked with automatic cameras to study the frequency and use of some natural and antropogenic areas by large and medium mammals and studied their's diet (2006-2009 Master Degree on Universidade de São Carlos ). Worked in the development of a new telemetry technology ("PIPE" - FAPESP). In the PhD project he developed a method to predict the probability of roadkill of mammals of large and medium size separede in fucntional groups, he verified the diference o roadkills before and after a road duallig, if there was influence of the change of the positions of roadkills if the agricultural áreas had changed their use. At this moment he are working in the science of Road Ecology trying discover patters of functional groups (of vertebrates and invertebrates) linked to responses to the landscape that react in different forms in presence of highways and the types of lots of kinds of road variables. Besides, I always got involved with university extension, working in environmental education theater for a year and driving and doing the voiceover of a radio program on Radio of the Federal University of São Carlos. This program was aimed par facilitate people who did not attend a university could more easily understand the environmental science and policy in Brazil, was presented for two years every Friday from 16:15 to 18: 00hrs. It was not an employment relationship.


Effects of different variables and densities of roads on vertebrates population

Grants and Funding:

I received my PhD grant from CAPES. Part of my study in master degree is funded by Grassland conservancy and I won the Christofer Miller Wards at this time.

E-mail: gciocheti@gmail.com

Concluded research:

PhD Project. 2014. Spatial and temporal influences of road duplication on wildlife road kill using habitat suitability models.