Hugo Reis Medeiros

Bachelor in Geography, Master in Biological Sciences (Plant Ecology) and in Agronomy (Entomology) all at Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL). I am a PhD candidate in Applied Ecology (ESALQ/USP) interested in how landscape composition and configuration affect predatory insects and its biological control services in agroecosystems. I am also interested in the development of rapid ecological assessment methods to infer the biological integrity of Atlantic forest remnants in order to aid decision makers in selecting priority areas for biodiversity conservation in fragmented landscapes.


The role of landscape structure and local environmental features in conditioning prey-predator interactions and biological control services in agroecosystems. Supervisors: Dr. Ciro Abbud Righi (ESALQ), Dr. Milton Cezar Ribeiro (UNESP) and Wesley Augusto Conde Godoy (ESALQ).

E-mail: hugo.medeiros.r@gmail.com