Jamile Silva Pereira

I am almost finishing my undergrad in Ecology (UNESP), and have great interest in the relationship between bats, fruits and landscape, at the same time I would like to use these knowledge on the definition of strategies which guarantee the preservation and conservation of natural environments. My scientific initiation project is entitled “COMPLETAR”, under advice of Professor Milton Ribeiro, MSc Renata Muylaert and with collaboration of Patricia Rogeri (PhD student).

Since 2013 I aid to run the extension project “Landscape Ecology: integrating ecosystems and the urbe”. I am deputy secretary of the Academic Center of Ecology (CAEco) and member of the organizing commission of the Week XXV Study of Ecology (XXV SEE). In the first semester of 2014 I was a member of the organizer commission of LEEC-meeting, an extension project that focus on the discussion of spatial ecology and conservation.

Grants and Funding:


E-mail: jamile_silvapereira@yahoo.com.br