José W. Ribeiro Jr.

I am biologist (USP–Piracicaba), master in Ecology (INPA), and PhD candidate in Ecology (UNESP-RC). I am profoundly interested in conservation biology, and animal ecology (especially that of amphibians). My main focus is to understand mechanisms that drive population and community assembly patterns, and the factors that negatively affect the species occurrence. I have used hierarchical community models to investigate how environmental gradients influence biological communities, it allows properly accounts for any detection errors during the sampling process.


“Stream-dwelling anuran metacommunity structure and dynamics in the Atlantic Rainforest: an approach that accounts for species imperfect detection”.
The project capitalizes on both basic and applied aspects of ecology and conservation of this threatened group. Advisor by Tadeu Siqueira (UNESP-RC). Collaborator: Milton C. Ribeiro (UNESP-RC).

Grants and Funding:

Doctoral fellowship –FAPESP n⁰ 2014/ 07113-8

E-mail: jwribeirojunior@gmail.com