Júlia Oshima

Bachelor in Ecology (UNESP), Master in Zoology (UNESP), and I am currently a PhD candidate in Zoology (UNESP) interested in understanding how landscape structure and habitat quality affect spatial distribution and movements of white lipped peccaries in tropical heterogeneous landscapes of Brazil, using distinct spatial scales of analysis.


Movement ecology and spatial distribution of a large herbivore in heterogeneous tropical landscapes - under the advice of Prof. Milton Ribeiro and Prof. Maria Luísa Jorge (Vanderbilt University).

This is part of the project "New sampling methods and statistical tools for biodiversity research: integrating animal movement ecology with population and community ecology".

Grants and Funding:

This study is funded by FAPESP (process 2013/50421-2).

E-mail: juliaoshima@yahoo.com.br