Juliana Rodrigues

I am an undergraduate student in Ecology on UNESP. I was interested during my formation in urban ecology, I worked at the extension project oriented by Miltinho "Landscape Ecology: integrating ecosystems and the city", where I found the theme to my scientific initiation project about the relation between urban arborization and ecosystem services, which is also oriented by PhD candidate in Ecology Renata de Lara Muylaert. In my academic internship I worked at environmental education projects on Ufscar. Currently I work at the project "Nature's Trail" and "Research and Study Group on Environmental Education" both projects on Ufscar.


Urban arborization influence on ecosystem services in Rio Claro (SP).
Oriented by Milton Cezar Ribeiro and co-oriented by Msª Renata de Lara Muylaert.

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E-mail: jalvrodrigues@gmail.com