Karlla V. C. Barbosa

Graduate in Biological Science (UNICSUL), specialization in Environment Technologies (FATEC) and Master Ecology - Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainability (ESCAS - IPÊ). I am a PhD student in Zoology (UNESP) supervised by Dr. Alex Jahn and Dr. Milton Cezar Ribeiro (UNESP) and I am interested in migratory birds and urbanization.


My doctoral dissertation project is entitled: “Austral migratory birds and urbanization in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil”. The main objective is to verify whether the diversity and behavior of migratory birds differ between urban and rural areas and which factors affect the timing, breeding and behavior of migratory birds in the two types of habitats.

Grants and Funding:

I received the PhD grant student from CAPES and the grant “Latin American Caribbean Travel Award” from North America Ornithological Conference (NAOC) in August 2016 to present my project in the meeting.

E-mail: barbosa.karlla@gmail.com