Marcela de Matos Barbosa

Graduate in Biological Science (UFMA), Master in Conservation and Biodiversity (UFMA) and currently is an Entomology PhD student by University of São Paulo (USP). I am interested in understanding the effects of habitat fragmentations in nesting, genetics diversity and effective population size on stingless bees. My PhD project is part of the project “New sampling methods and statistical tools for biodiversity research: integrating animal movement ecology with population and community ecology”.


The influence of habitat structure on stingless bee community in Cantareira-Mantiqueira Continuum. Advised by Vera L. Imperatriz-Fonseca (USP), Denise A. Alves (USP), and Milton C. Ribeiro (UNESP).

Grants and Funding:

This study is funded by CAPES

E-mail: barbosamarcela@yahoo.com.br