Marcelo Magioli

Bachelor in Biological Sciences (PUC-Campinas), Master in Sciences (ESALQ/USP) and a MBA in Ecology and Conservation (UNIMEP). I am a PhD candidate in Applied Ecology (ESALQ/USP) and have experience with medium- and large-sized mammals in anthropogenic landscapes, stable isotope analysis and functional diversity.


“Trophic ecology of carnivorous mammals of the Atlantic Forest: use of stable isotopes and functional diversity for conservation” - under the advice of Katia Maria P.M.B. Ferraz, and a committee composed by Marcelo Z. Moreira (CENA/USP), Milton C. Ribeiro (UNESP), Ronaldo G. Morato (CENAP/ICMBio) and Alexandre R. Percequillo (ESALQ/USP).

This is part of the projects "Ecology and conservation of felids in the Atlantic Forest" and “Trophic Ecology, Functional Diversity and Occurrence of Terrestrial Mammals in the Atlantic Forest”.

Grants and Funding:

I received my PhD grant from CAPES and part of my study is funded by Fundação Grupo Boticário de Proteção a Natureza (process n. 1001_20141).

E-mail: marcelo.magioli@gmail.com