Marco Aurélio F M Oliveira

Undergraduate Student in Biological Sciences (UNESP-RC). I am interested in studying Spatial Ecology and Entomology.


“Influence of width of restored riparian forests on ant diversity”, under the advice of Milton Ribeiro and Felipe Martello Ribeiro. (Instituto de Biociências of UNESP-RC).

This project is related to project "Restoration Ecology of riparian forests, native forests of economic production and degraded forest fragments (in APP and LR), based on ecosystem restoration" (FAPESP Process 13/50718-5) and to project "New sampling methods and statistical tools for biodiversity research: animal ecology movement Integrating with population and community ecology "(FAPESP Process 2013/50421-2).

Grants and Funding:

My study is funded by FAPESP (2014/21931-5).

E-mail: marcoaurelio.ferreira@yahoo.com.br

Concluded research:

Scientific Initiation. 2017. Influence of width of restored riparian forests on ant diversity.