Mauricio Humberto Vancine

I am ecologist (Bachelor in Ecology, 2011-2015, UNESP - Rio Claro). Currently, I am master candidate in Biological Science (Zoology) in UNESP - Rio Claro. My interested is understanding how the landscape changes affect biodiversity in the Neotropical Region. My study group are neotropical amphibians, in particular the amphibians of the Atlantic Forest biome. I use Statistics Models, Ecological Niche Modeling (ENM), Community Models and Landscape Ecology approaches to investigate the consequences of landscape changes (habitat loss and fragmentation, and insert of matrix).


The title of my project is “Effects of Landscape Changes on the Amphibian Diversity of Atlantic Forest using Joint Modeling in Community Ecology”. My aim is to understand how the landscape changes affect the biodiversity of amphibian communities in the Atlantic Forest. Advisors: Prof. Celio Fernando Baptista Haddad (UNESP, Brazil), Prof. Milton Cezar Ribeiro (UNESP, Brazil) and Prof. Otso Ovaskainen (University of Helsinki, Finland).

Grants and Funding:

My study was funded by FAPESP (process 2013/02883-7). Currently, Master grant from CAPES.

E-mail: mauricio.vancine@gmail.com

Concluded research:

Scientific Iniciation. 2015. Effect of fragmentation on the persistence of anuran amphibians (Amphibia: Anura) within the Atlantic Forest.