Natalia Stefanini da Silveira

Biologist, master and doctor in Zoology from Unesp - Rio Claro campus. Has experience in biodiversity conservation with environmental change in different scales (climate macroscale and landscape scale), species distribution models/ ecological niche models and animal movement.


Currently works in partnership with TWRA (Association Tropical Alliance for Water Research) in a sustainable development and biodiversity conservation project at the hydrographic bay of Tocantis-Araguaia

E-mail: nat.stefanini@gmail.com

Concluded research:

In 2015 obtained the title of master in Zoology from the Biosciences Institute, Rio Claro Unesp, studying the movement of seed dispersing birds in fragmented landscapes. In 2020, concluded her doctorate through the Zoology post-graduate program, on the same institute, acting on the area of bird migration in South America and the impacts of the environmental changes on those migration systems.