Priscilla Costa dos Santos

I am an undergraduate student in Biological Sciences (UNESP – RC) interested in understand wild felids’ ecology and behaviour.


In my project, I am trying to understand the influence of landscape structure - emphasizing the distribution of pastures - on jaguars (Panthera onca) movement patterns in the Southern Pantanal of Brazil. My advisors are Ronaldo Gonçalves Morato (CENAP/ICMBio) and Milton C. Ribeiro (UNESP – RC).

Grants and Funding:

Volunteer PIBIC-ICMBio/CNPq 2014-2015.

E-mail: santospriscilla.bio@gmail.com

Concluded research:

Scientific Iniciation. 2015. Influence of grassland in characterizing the jaguar movement (Panthera onca) in the Southern Pantanal of Brazil.