Rodrigo Matavelli

Bachelor in Biological Sciences (UEMG), Master in Conservation and Biodiversity (UFMA) and currently I am a PhD student in Applied Ecology (ESALQ/USP). Actuality, I am interested in understanding the effects of altitudinal gradients on community structure of anurans.
Main interests: Community Ecology, Ecology and Conservation of Anurans, Landscape Ecology, Environment Bioindicators and, Conservation Biology.


Community structure of anurans in altitudinal gradients: The role of climatic, environmental and landscape variables and its implications for conservation.
At the moment, my advisor is teacher Dr. Jaime Bertoluci (ESALQ/USP) and co-advisor is teacher Dr. Milton Cezar Ribeiro (UNESP/RC).

Grants and Funding:

This study is funded by CAPES and FAPESP

E-mail: ram_eco@yahoo.com.br