Stefano Marco Cantone

I am a Biologist (graduate University Catania, Italy) with experience in Entomology and Behavioral Ecology. My interest includes biodiversity, inter-specific interactions and reproductive seasonality in urban, agricultural and natural habitats. Recently my studies have focused on the structure and phenology of communities of ants in the urban ecosystem of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am currently a PhD candidate in Zoology (UNESP).


“Influence of landscape composition in insect predator diversity and its ecosystem services in agro-ecosystem”, under the advisor of Claudio José Von Zuben and Milton Cezar Ribeiro. This project combines the study of landscape ecology and the community of insects, representing a key to understanding the influence of the native biodiversity of an agro-ecosystem.

E-mail: cantonestefano@gmail.com

Concluded research:

Master in Biodiversity. 2015. Winged ants in green urban enviroments: diversity, phenology and climatic influence.