Vinícius Xavier da Silva

Vinícius Xavier da Silva is an associate professor at the Institute of Natural Sciences at the Federal University of Alfenas and curator of the Alfred Russel Wallace Herpetological Collection at the same institution. He works with Systematics and Biogeography of Brazilian amphibians and reptiles, with special interest in the effect of habitat fragmentation on the diversity and phylogenetic structure of these animals.


Analysis of the contribution of ecological processes and fragmentation in the structuring of biological communities through bioacoustic parameters (master's degree in progress by Luiz Fernando Ferreira)

E-mail: vinicius.silva@unifal-mg.edu.br

Concluded research:

Landscape heterogeneity shapes bird phylogenetic responses at forest–matrix interfaces in Atlantic Forest, Brazil (Mestrado de Bruno Adorno); Influence of habitat fragmentation on the alteration of song traits in a monophyletic group of birds (Passeriformes: Tyrannidae) (IC by Bianca Dinis da Silva); Ecophylogenetics: testing whether the overlapping acoustic niches of anuran communities can indicate effects of forest fragmentation (IC by Henrique Silva Cardoso Furtado)